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Prepress Innovation by Inkjet 


Spirit & Concept 

Customer 1st / Technology 1st / Service 1st. 

These 3-first are FTI company spirit & concept 

Team @flexo / CEO
Hilson  S. C. Huang

Customer 1st , derives from “Your flexible partner” which is a major slogan of FTI, it is a must for us to run our business with most flexibility to flatter our customers in order for their satisfaction in both quality side and price side because we are in FLEXO industry. 


Technology 1st , LaserBlack has been granted patents in 35 countries and now we have our 10000 unit sales celebration. All the users are happy to have this simple and easy unit as their personal image setter, especially when it is very convenient and economic to make negative / positive film for label / news paper / screen / bag / corrugated board printing and stamp making,

In addition,  due to getting practical and popular of inkjet printers in the 90s, Team@flexo has to extend this new trend into prepress field not only for flexography but also for all of plate making.

CTP (Computer To Plate) no film direct image on plate, CTF (Computer To Film) instead of photosensitive materials and CTS (Computer To Scree) no film, no vacuum, no more exposures,

we just want to ultimate our 50 years experiences in order to contribute inkjet technology with software for printing industry to make it a low cost, simple and easy job. 


@flexoBag with merits of Environ-green / water wash / low production cost it is on good purpose to substitute laser engraving for corrugated printing and it will become a new trend of plate making in the very near future, the reasons are: 

1. Hand engraving cost is high, fine area is not easy. 

2. Low-end engraver is slow and with bad air pollution. 
3. Trade shop plate making is always slow for production. 
4. Solvent wash is toxic and hazardous no one want to use. 

Service 1st , We are always trying to provide our excellent and speedy service to our customers, but we do not want this to be only a slogan, on the contrary we hope the positive comments are from customer side in stead of from our self. If you have any applause, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

| 更新时间:2021.11.18