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Product Name : CDI film for fine electronic labels
Item# : 15324-186
Model : 15324-186
Last update : 2022.08.30
Manufacturer :
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                      Brand new product


           CDI FILM for high quality prints

     Best solution for fine and precision image film making


            Electronic label / high mesh dot reproduction





        By using the above machine, sharp and precise negatives /positives can be          printed for extremely precise electronic label printing and for others.



Don’t worry about disappearing of photo film and worn out of the image setting machine any more.

No matter your laser wave length is 830 or 1060nm, or any brand of your laser ablation machine is.

As easy as ablation for a flexo or a letterpress photopolymer plate as your usual routine jobs.

You can get a very precise and sharp image as old image setter done for your positive or negative.

Not necessary to do developing or use any other chemicals you can see the fine images immediately.

Films are coated pretty stable with water proof and resist to solvent for any kinds of plate surface.

                        CDI film precision for electronic label plate making.

                        Use your existing laser machine for photopolymer plate.

                        Only film cost is needed do not have to use any chemical.

                        Opaque black density up to 4.00 or 4.50 and 1pt reproduction.

                         Except to fine images you may also use our CTF inkjet film.

                         CDI film + CTF inkjet printer = new trend of film making.

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