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Product Name : Auto washout processor (new version)
Item# : 132634-475
Model : 132634-475
Last update : 2015.06.02
Manufacturer :
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Flexo plate making automation system

In response to the needs of packaging printing evolution, corrugated boxes are more and more exquisite, colorful, and larger in size, it is no longer an era when fonts and images can be seen is enough. This has occupied a large proportion of all printed products. While most of the paper printing work has been replaced by printers and large-scale color printing high-speed printers. Only packaging printing can continue to survive no matter how long it is due to the diversity of packaging materials can not be accepted by printer inks.

It is an indisputable fact that conventional corrugated printing occupies the bulk of printing, and it is also the most original and lowest-cost way with high speed printing. In response to this new trend, colorization, refinement, and even automation are new trends for the post-epidemic era. Digitization is the answer, and the next step is to de-artificialize trying not to use and can not afford as much manpower as possible, so that flexo plate making has to be completely computerized from now on.

Whether it is color separation/screening/exposing/washing/post-treatment of all pre-press operations, the labor is only responsible for the role of handling plate and keystrokes, demands to achieve the standardization of pre-press operations, no matter whether you are a novice or a novice whether you understand printing principle or not you can quickly get the same beautiful and exquisite printing plate from them. Printing master has become just a historical term.

As to the plastic film is used in exquisite and bright flexible packaging printing, it is becoming one of the strengths of the plastic industry chain. The development of no film pre-press equipment, this innovative digital plate making technology is also a glory that makes it possible to make plates in-plant without a master. In plant printing plate making can reduce the cost of printing plates by 80%, and no need to wait. No waiting time is an important tool for production management and no need to use skilled hands. Anyone who can use a computer will become a master of pre-press operations. No negatives film/less labor/saving time/costs, by a CTP printer images can be directly printing on any plate is also a winning strategy in the 2020s.

The CTP direct imaging inkjet printer introduced here can directly print images on any plate without using negative film or any film, plus it can perform no-vacuum exposure on the inkjet printer flatbed directly. This is an indispensable tool for pre-press operations. If you add a latest automatic plate washing machine and anti-tack/drying/post-exposure machine, only these three machines can complete all pre-press operations, and you will be a big winner due to digitalization/computerization/de-manualization. It is also an indispensable weapon for future generations.

Team @ flexo

New version automatic plate making machine

@flexo Automatic Washout machine

@flexo Automatic Washout m/c is a computer touch screen control system with automatic solvent replenish by constant temperature; the plate washout pressure can be set arbitrarily, which is suitable for making various plates of any thickness plate. The brush is made of high-quality filament.

The main washout board uses round brush + flat brush staggered washing and the width of the flat brush is widened, which can play the role of more smooth relieved area of the plate. The final cleaning department is a climbing plate washing, which is used to clean off completely the residual traces of the plate.

The bottom cleaning brush and the rear cleaning brush use a one-time new solvent, which flows into the circulating tank naturally after use. There are 13 brushes for the whole machine. The brush drive system is equipped with a frequency converter, and the plate washing speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is suitable for various high-precision digital plates and ordinary flexo plates or printing plate cleaning after printing.

The equipment uses a combined transmission motor, and the transmission adopts a sturdy and durable bevel gear transmission. All parts in contacting with solvent are made of 304# stainless steel. Also equipped with suction and exhaust fans. Recently, this model has been supplemented and upgraded that front second, fourth and two roller brushes swing left and right, which can speed up the washing speed and cleaning the plate.

The arc hooks on both sides of the entry knife with plate can move left and right, which is convenient for fine-adjustment. Unlike the previous model that entry knife and the hook cannot be adjusted. The wiper blade is changed to a uniquely designed wiper groove to make the brush wipe cleaner. You will like this new improved washout machine definitely.

      @flexo Dryer + Treatment + Post exposure unit

The plate drying machine is equipped with a four-layer plate drying cabinet. The temperature difference machine has uniform controlled everywhere, and a constant temperature device is set for heating to ensure that the temperature difference of the oven is ±≤3℃, and the accuracy of the color registration requiring jobs of the printing plate in order to prevent from being affected by the uneven temperature difference. Set up automatic control in constant temperature air intake and strong exhaust air device to ensure uniform wind and temperature and remove ozone in time in order to dry up speedy and for plate long time printing.

As to treatment part of anti-tack to remove the sticky of plate, imported 36W/UVC lamp is used as the light source. All of the lamp caps and electrical components are isolated from the lamp tube in order to prevent ozone from corroding the electrical components during the anti-tack process. A powerful ozone removing device is installed to prevent ozone from corroding the equipment and affecting the quality of the plate quality.

    @flexo 200 liters washout Solvent Recovery unit

This equipment is a completely new designed structure, which integrates solvent recovery, cooling and fresh solvent storage all features together. It is a simple, safe (explosion-proof, flame-proof, with smoke detector), efficient, energy-saving, intelligent and space-saving are good advantages for wonderful usage.

The top cover has a slotted flange, and the sealing ring is made of solid high temperature resistant round castings. The sealing effect is good and it can be used repeatedly without damage. The heating pipe has a sheathed device, with automatic input of waste solvent, automatic and constant temperature, automatic timing, automatic shutdown, new energy-saving strong wind and cold water circulation, and a device that can observe the storage quantity of heat transfer oil and waste solvent.

Explosion-proof solid state relays are used. Equipped with a negative compression vacuum device, the waste solvent can be directly pumped into the device, which has the advantages of reducing boiling to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, and accelerate the speed of solvent recovery process.

With a new solvent extraction pump, it can be directly pumped from the machine to the plate washout unit or the storage tank. This technology does not require a refrigerator and avoids the risk of long-term heating of the compressor. The cooling pipe adopts a live joint structure, and only a wrench is required for future maintenance or replacement, no welding is required. A negative pressure gauge is equipped to avoid worries about the deformation of the inner tank. It is an ideal equipment also for green environmental washout solvent recovery.


@flexo CTP printer - No film inkjet direct image on plate

NozzleBlack CTP printer no film, direct image with exposures on printer.

New Model: CTP 1550-4260 working size: 1070 x 1530mm (42x60 inch)

Complete unit equip with IR lamp drying image quickly / back exposure UVA lamps under flatbed glass / Led UVA to harden the plate surface right after image printed / RIP software.

(For detailed information please see this page : CTP 無底片柔印製版系統 - Flexo Inkjet Prepress Technology CTP inkjet image on flexo plate - Flexo Inkjet Prepress Technology (flexotech.com.tw) )

These equipment are good enough for



By using PLC touch panel it is easy and clear to control the washout machine, with solvent temperature control (by hot water circulation) and solvent density checking device for replenishing don’t have to rely on you to determine the washout time and speed as well as auto release used solvent and replenish the fresh solvent. Pressure adjustment in tolerance of 0.1mm controlled by micro-computer. Equipped with black layer removing washout tank good for inkjet CTP and digital plate, also with plate back side washout function. We use both rotary brushes and flat brushes for best washout result, washing speed can be adjusted. Machine with exhaust device for suck out the smell of solvent can be operated in a closed space with air conditioner. For all solvent contacted compartment we use all stainless steel for rust free and forever use.



UVC lamps are used for de-tack treatment and UVA lamps are used for post exposure 2 timers control both exposures right after one is finished (lamps are arranged in 2- raw) UVC lamps are equipped with indicators also with heavy duty exhaust fun for suck out ozone completely.

3 levels of dryer with 3 temperature controls and 3 timers individually, tolerance is + - 5 degree C, good for registration of color separation plates. Dryer equipped with both sucking and exhausting motors.



Recovery unit with minus pressure tank, control timer, temperature control and automatic cold water circulation, depends on the quantity of old solvent it can be sucked in to the unit automatically, then fresh solvent can be pumped out to the solvent tank ready for use with washout machine. Residues are drained by gravity. Whole machine is made by stainless steel. 60 Liters of solvent recovery capacity + 60 liters of negative pressure tank for refreshed solvent. Good for perc and all green washout chemicals. 



 Auto@flexo Digital Washout processor 


Flexo Prepress Revolution   PART II

Flexo Prepress Revolution   PART I





CTP direct image on plate with UV exposure inline

+automatic washout with dryer and treatment expo

Part 1----

CTP flexo no film prepress + inline UV exposures

*Good for inkjet with black image on any brand of flexo plate.

*Opaque density over 3.50 by using nano black ink technology.
*Drying immediately with no blooding or spreading of image.
*led / UV inline exposure right after image inkjet on the plate.
*Equipped with UV lamps under flat bed for back exposure.
*The black image can be solved with plate washout solution.
*Existing software for graphic design can be accept by printer.
*RIP good for color separation and dot screening up to 85 lpi.
*2 model: 4260 (1080 x 1530 mm) & 5280 (1320 x 2030 mm).

*Ideal automation for corrugated and screen prepress.

Opening a new era-For flexo and screen preress

NozzleBlack - CTP

Part 2 ----

Auto-washer + Dryer + Anti-tack + Post exposure + Solvent recovery



PLC touch panel it is easy and clear to control the washout machine with solvent temperature control and solvent

density checking device automatic release used solvent and replenish, the new fresh solvent with black layer removing washout tank for inkjet CTP and digital plate. All solvent contacted compartment we use all stainless steel for rust free.


UVC lamps for anti-tack treatment and UVA lamps for post exposure 3 levels of dryer with 3 temperature controls with 3 timers individually.


Fresh solvent from recovery unit sucked into washout unit automatically

    Printers => flexo plate making in plant

In the past days over the world or even in Japan now, most of corrugated printers (95%) are outsourcing their plate for they may presume that plate making is a total different production for a box printing company.

Now a days, they found the profit of outsourcing plate is taken so much from them that many corrugated factories are getting interest in making their own plates in plant from which may reduce this part of cost to only 10-20 % from what they are paying every month.

They may think of complications of first, film making then plate making, to hire more people for this purpose, no easy to have skilled engineers for the job. Most important is considering if there is a SOP to success the plate making. After they buying the equipment may just increase they capital investment and cause other problems of people management.

Obviously to save cost of everything inside the manufacturing factory is a trend for every industry now. Less people to work in plate making room with contemporary equipment of digitalization and automation by investing less cost machine for future production, this dream of 80-90% cost saving of your plate can come true.

Due to trade war between countries, JP corrugated box factories are predicting a recession is coming soon, for this reason, they have to cut off the high cost items and put into first innovation list. Changing from outsourcing plates to make it in plant is almost the first consideration and decision now so as the same way of thinking in Korea.

CTP (Computer To Plate), direct image without using film by inkjet printer is a first choice of economic investment for plate making now a days. With automatic washout machine for SOP process. Both are good and important weapons for digitalization and automation as well as for less cost effective investments. Two persons are required in the plate making room, and raw material cost is also limited to the photopolymer plate in boxes only.

      Die makers => flexo plate making

Die making and flexo plate making seems nothing to do each other with no intersection at all. But actually both of the industries are using a same drawing / design for production. As a matter of fact, die drawing is only a little bit bigger surrounding of the image drawing.

For a die maker looks difficult to start with plate making, but due to inkjet printer and supported by various software, it is now everything in digitalization and automation. For color separation and dot screening jobs it is no longer like in the old days needing well trained engineers to work for a long time. As in 50 years ago a 4-color separation job can be made 4 sets in a day, and for the screening job you have to repeat again and again until it is found proper from a printed proof.

Everything is under SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) now, as long as a click no matter who push the button and with experience or not. In addition to the image making part, a CTP (Computer To Plate) direct image on plate system can give color separated and screened dots perfectly from an inkjet printer with RIP (Raster Image Processor) software to do all jobs directly on plate without film, which was not possible for an unskilled person to do it so quickly.

As to the plate making process, due to technology of inkjet direct image on plate, exposure problem caused by vacuum to ensure no air in between film and plate are now all avoided. With automatic plate processing equipment, you just put it into auto washout machine after UV exposure. A beautiful plate is coming out in few minutes waiting for drying and finishing then to mount on printing press. By these innovative machine, flexo plate making is as easy as die making now.

This is a proper timing for people who want to make plate and die together in order to serve the same customers with same drawing (file)

Or who is now suffering with no technical engineer to do the job / no SOP of plate making / lack of plate making technology, it is good for you to consider and start it now. For we have many experience to help die making customers switched to plate making successfully in Spain, Peru and other parts of the world.

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