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Product Name : Letterpress plates
Item# : 10956-706
Model : 10956-706
Last update : 2015.05.15
Manufacturer :
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Kodak emergent news

Kodak announcing termination of Miraclon water washout plate production

First and best water washout plate in the world since 1977

Photopolymer plate for letterpress

water washout

high CP value / long impression / nice dot reproduction

durometer for  wild choice / good cost in price 

teamwork after service  high productive printing

As a pioneer of photopolymer plate manufacturer sice 1977, Printight water washout plate substituted conventional metal etching plates for letterpress printing and for after printing converters. Various plates in different durometer for your choice of applications. since then plates are highly evaluated and world wide accepted.


LF-95 up to 200 LPI & 1% fine dot reproduction

No cracking, no bending good for long impression jobs
New weapon with beautiful highlight aradation

Excellent for color label printing, say no to CTP
Comparison with other brand plate under 175 LPI & 1% dot

In pursuit of limitation for perfection now LF-95 is available with new recipe easy to achieve fine dot reproduction with 200 LPI 1% by conventional letterpress making in stead of using expensive CTP plates.

features of LF-95 :
1. Fine reproduction up to 200 LPI & 1%
2. Wider latitude in one exposure for all areas
3. Thinner base film for rotary printing jobs 
4. Thicker base film good for flatbed printing
5. Excellent for ling run and long impression
6. No cracking recipe good for repeat printing
7. Highlight gradation no sudden disappearance
8. Water washout in normal room temperature.

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