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Crystal stamp


           Crystal Stamp making system

                Stamp new selling point 



         Crystal clear, glazed, bright, sparkling as silver lights.

                                                Legend of crystal stamp

There are many names of CRYSTAL STAMP. (Transparent Stomp / Clear Stamp / Glass Stamp.)

Transparent stamp means transparently like pure water.

Clear stamp means never turn to yellowish or yellow.

Glass stamp means can stick on glass and take of easily.

However CRYSTAL STAMP is a good name for this product with noble and value, by which enhance our living under these atmospheres every day.

Thanks to the innovative and improvement of liquid photopolymer resin new material technology, stamp is becoming lot of fun not only for print, but also for decoration, toy and as an education tool.

Good characters of non-toxic raw material with any fragrance as you like, more and more usages are changing us to a colorful live with whatever ink you want.

We provide mass production technology of Crystal Stamp making system with:

know how

raw material 




for more project details please contact us by email: flexotec@ms32.hinet.net

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